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Thread: Remove write protection on iPod

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    Remove write protection on iPod

    Hi all,

    I have a 4 GB Nano ipod. I will play the music on that but whenever i copy the songs file from my laptop it display a massage "Cannot copy files and folders, drive is write protected". I also read the manual of it but nothing help us. Can anybody help me for this issue, Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Remove write protection on iPod

    First you need to connect your IPod to PC and open start Menu > Run and type regedit and press Enter, this will open the registry editor. then search the path : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies. Then double click the key WriteProtect in the right pane and set the value to 0 in the Value Data Box and press OK. Then exit the Registry windows and restart your computer and then again reconnect your IPod on your computer and check.
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    Re: Remove write protection on iPod

    I have same problem in my IPod and try the above method, but unsuccessful. My registry windows can not able to search HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\StorageDevicePolicies. What can i do, any other suggestion required. Thanks.
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    Re: Remove write protection on iPod

    You need to download add.bat file from troublefixers website. May be your registry is corrupt. add.bat intall fresh registry key for windows. you need to just clcik on it. Try it and reply if found any issue.

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    Remove write protection on iPod

    Follow the below steps for remove write protection on iPod :
    # First copy all the important data from IPod to your computer.
    # Download the Apacer Formatting Utility, this is free utility and downloaded from net.
    # Unzip the folder and click on the Start.bat file in the folder.
    # This will start formatting your IPOD memory.
    # When the formatting will complete then remove the ipod from your PC and plugin again.
    #Then Goto Start > Run ,type cmd and press enter, this will open command prompt.
    # Type the command CHKDSK X: /F (X will the drive letter of your pen drive).

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    Remove write protection on iPod

    On my IPod, there is a "Lock/Unlock" slide bar on the opposite end of IPOD. It uses the symbols of a "lock" and an "open hasp lock" to show that the device is "locked" (write-protected) or "unlocked" or not write-protected. Ithink you may also check it out and reply.

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