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Thread: Problem in Nokia N85 NSU

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    Problem in Nokia N85 NSU

    I tried to update my Nokia N85 but whenever I try for updating system give error message like “Your NSU has encountered problem”, and my phones display goes blank. What is NSU this is my system problem or my cell phone problem, give me any possible solution.

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    Re: Problem in Nokia N85 NSU

    NSU mean Nokia Software Updater, this is not your system error this message comes from your NSU software, I solve your first query. I think this there is problem with your NSU, you should change your NSU, there you have many option like download from the internet and buy Nokia Software Updater cd from Nokia gallery. I got also same problem but that I know what exactly happen with my phone.
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    Re: Problem in Nokia N85 NSU

    I think there is problem in your phone your NSU goes corrupted, or some files are corrupted by the virus, for solving this problem you have to give your mobile phone in Nokia gallery they update or repair your phone system, and try to update all the files. Without this no one can able solve this problem. If your phone in warranty period then its Nokia’s free service, else you have to pay for that.

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    Re: Problem in Nokia N85 NSU

    No need to give your cell phone to any just tries following things
    • Uninstall your Nokia PC suit, NSU and also remove your Nokia drivers from your system .
    • Restart the Computer.
    • install latest Nokia PC suit, NSU and connect your phone that time your system ask for the drivers then install drivers.
    • Again restart the computer so it will apply all the changes.
    • Take backup of your cell phone using your Nokia PC suit.
    • Format your mobile and restart the phone.
    • And then start your Nokia Software Updater.
    • Before the storing data from your computer scan all the data.

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    Re: Problem in Nokia N85 NSU

    There are so many problems in Nokia N85
    • There no option for Go To.
    • Message box not indicate the receipt of any new message.
    • How many number of missed called comes this number not store in the log. This show only single time.
    • When I move songs file from my PC to phone automatically stored in "Ring Tones".
    • Birthday notes in calendar don't specify age, only display date of birth.
    • No 'Number Mode' with message feature and any other typing feature on the phone.

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