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Thread: Information on the Dell mini 10v netbook

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    Information on the Dell mini 10v netbook

    I am planning to buy the new netbook for my self. There are many companies available which are available for the netbooks but i am more fascinated towards the Dell. I liked the Dell mini 10v netbook. But i want the information and the reviews about this mini netbook from you people and i hope that you will provide me the same.

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    Re: Information on the Dell mini 10v netbook

    You want to buy the Mini Netbook for yourself. You have selected to buy the Dell mini 10v netbook. This is the very good mini netbook from the dell. This mini netbook was launched in the December this year. So this is one of the latest Mini netbooks which is available in the market today. As this is the new in the market you can buy this netbook without any problem. There are many color choices are available for you. There are 12 colour options are available for you to select from. For more information visit to the official website of the DELL.
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    Re: Information on the Dell mini 10v netbook

    I have spent some time with this latest and very economical DELL Mini 10v netbook in the DELL showroom. The built material quality of this Mini netbook is very nice and the very hard and solid with the use of the plastic rather than using the alloy material. The keyboard of this Mini Netbook is also very good as compared to the competitors of this netbook. I think this can beat the HP Mini 1000 and HP Mini 2140 netbooks available in the market already.
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    Re: Information on the Dell mini 10v netbook

    The Mini 10v netbook has the everything that you want to have in the mobile phones. There are many fun features which are packed with this mini netbook inside.

    1. it is the produtive like the normal keyboard with the keyboard 92% .
    2. You can Enjoy a beautiful view with a seamless display surface1 and 16:9 aspect ratio.
    3. you can stay connected with advanced wireless options.
    4. you can navigate the Navigate like a pro with optional built-in GPS.
    5. You can learn about the differences between Mini 10v and others.
    6. Personalize a Mini 10v with a choice of seven vibrant colors OR choose from over 200+ artist designs with Design Studio.
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    Re: Information on the Dell mini 10v netbook

    Here is the list of the key features and the quick specification of the new Inspiron Mini 10v netbook:

    1. It has the larger keyboard 92 % of a standard full-size keyboard for comfort
    2. You can choose from the different color optionsObsidian Black, Alpine White, New Cherry Red, Promise Pink , Ice Blue, Jade Green and new Passion Purple
    3. 120GB, 160GB hard drives and 16GB solid state driveXP and Ubuntu
    4. It has the 1GB RAM
    5. option for the Ubuntu Linux or Windows XP operating systems
    6. with the Built-in webcam
    7. has many connectivity options
    8. enabled with the Bluetooth connectivity

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