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Thread: Nintendo DSi vs ds lite

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    Nintendo DSi vs ds lite

    Hi everybody, I am enjoying to play games on Nintendo DS and it is very good in handling graphics as compared to Sony play station portable. And has very easy user interface to Nintendo DS. But recently I heard about new Nintendo DSi lite. I want to know about Nintendo DSi lite. Can you tell me what is the difference Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi lite.

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    Re: Nintendo DSi vs ds lite

    If you go into your nearst game dhop and say, I had like to like to buy a Nintendo DS, the shopkeeper will ask you, “A DS Lite or a DSi?” And You will want to be ready for it. The most Nintendo DS games are can be interchange between the DS Lite and the DSi, there are few key differences between the DS Lite and the DSi.

    Size of Liquid Crystal Display
    Nintendo DSi: 3.25 inches and Nintendo DS Lite: 3 inches

    Liquid Crystal Screen
    Nintendo DSi: Possible to display 260,000 colors and Nintendo DS Lite: Possible to display 260,000 colors
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    Re: Nintendo DSi vs ds lite

    The Nintendo DSi has two built-in .3 MPXl cameras: one is inside of the handheld and other is the outside. The camera provides you to take pictures of yourself and your friend, which implemented with built-in editing software. The DSi's camera plays a important role in such games like Ghostwire, which lets the players to hunt and capture “ghosts” with the help of photography. As the DS Lite do not have camera function, games that can use photos can played on the DSi only. The DS Lite do not having editing software.
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    Re: Nintendo DSi vs ds lite

    With the name "DS Lite” has become a some of a misnomer from the launch of the DSi. The DSi's display is 3.25 inches across, but the DS Lite's screen is 3 inches. The DSi is also thickness is 18.9 millimeters when closed, about 2.6 millimeters slimmer than the DS Lite. You will not break your back by carrying either the system around , but gamers want slim and sexy technology may want to keep the measurements of both systems in mind.

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    Re: Nintendo DSi vs ds lite

    The Nintendo DSi's main menu is much similar like “fridge” style made popular by the Wii's main menu. There are seven icons are can accessible when the Nintendo DSi's is out of the box, having PictoChat, DS Download Play, SD card software, system settings, the Nintendo DSi Shop, the Nintendo DSi camera, and the Nintendo DSi sound editor. The DS Lite's menu is offers a more basic, stacked menu, and provides you to access to PictoChat, DS Download Play, settings, and Nintendo DS games are plugged into the portable.

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    Re: Nintendo DSi vs ds lite

    * DSi Approx. 214g with touch pen and DS Lite – Approx. 218g with touch pen, Game Boy Advance cover

    Power Button
    * DSi – Has the standby button located on the front of the system, much similar like on the original DS. Also it is located on the bottom left instead of the upper right and DS Lite Nintendo moved to the power button to the side of the unit and turned it into a slider button instead of a push button.

    Battery Life
    * DSi The lowest brightness to 9-14 hrs, low brightness to 8-12 hours, medium brightness to 6-9 hours, high brightness to 4-6 hours, highest brightness to 3-4 hours and DS Lite – The lowest brightness to 15-19 hrs, low brightness to 10-15 hours, high brightness to 7-11 hours, highest brightness to 5-8 hours

    Charging Time
    * DSi Approx 2 hours and 30 minutes and DS Lite – Approx 3 hours

    Power Supply
    Both the machine using a different AC Adapter, so you can not be able to charge your DSi with your DS Lite adapter.

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