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Thread: Turn iPhone To An Universal Remote.

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    Turn iPhone To An Universal Remote.

    Hi to all, I am using the Apple Iphone in india. I have bought it from the USA. There are lots of features that you may apply to the iphone. Recently i have heard something iphone remote. Actually, I have very old Television of Crown. so its but obvious that i would not be having the remote control for it. Is there any way that i can use my iphone as my TV remote?

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    iPhone as an Universal Remote.

    Great news for iPhone users!!! Now phone can act as a Universal Remote. This remote will be applicable to any music system or television. So it has became more easy to enjoy an Entertainment Boxes. Generally it is a human tendency to forget that where we have kept our TV remote, But this case will be ending by iPhone.

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    Rē transforms iPhone to Remote.

    Rē has launched a device which makes iPhone a Universal Remote. Actually it is a small device which needs to be connected to the iPhone and Rē iPhone application should be installed on your iPhone. After all the setup is being done then your iPhone would be ready to control any Electronic devices from any room. Additionally if you need any special button from a Device Remote then its a touch away.

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    Rē Remote Control Features.

    Following are the features provided by the Universal Remote when it is iPhone.
    1. It has a good User Interface.
    2. Personalize Settings and Create Macros.
    3. IR Device Database is built in.
    4. Capability of “Learning” any Remote.
    5. Works Anywhere.
    6. No Batteries, Wires, or WiFi Required.
    7. Unprecedented Power and Value.
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    Rē Remote Control does not need Wi Fi.

    Rē Remote Control is a latest changes that has been made to the iPhone. iPhone now have became Universal Remote by the little help of Rē Accessory. iPhone is already a multifunctional mobile phone and this Universal Remote Function has made it more Mobile and valuable. It makes you more mobile because you can use this remote from anywhere without any wireless connectivity such as Wi-Fi. Now your remote will never lack in function because of low battery.

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    iPhone To An Universal Remote.

    iPhone has became Remote Control now but still it has some demerits in order to use it. First of all it needs a portable device which is to be connected to your iPhone. Now i have a simple doubt about caring that accessory. Actually the main problem we face with our remote control of any electronic device is that we need take care of it but generally we do not because of which we need such features in our mobile. So ultimately you have to take care of your accessories to use your iPhone as a Remote.

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