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How Applications will get Notified about Pen Flicks

Portable Devices

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Old 22-12-2009
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How Applications will get Notified about Pen Flicks

Need Help! I have bought a brand new computer with the latest configurations on it and i am using windows vista operating system on it. I am a frequent user of tablet pc which i usually use at my office. Now on my personal computer i want to use it. But i have a little query in my mind that how come an application will come to know that i am using pen flicks ?

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Old 22-12-2009
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Applications gets Notified for Pen Flicks by WM_TABLET_FLICK Message.

Windows Vista will send a WM_TABLET_FLICK Message to the application in order to make that application notified for Pen Click. And full information about any pen flick will be given by the FLICK_DATA Structure and FLICK_POINT Structure. This will include the followings :
  • The screen will be coordinating where the flick will gets started.
  • Action for the pen flick requested by the user.
  • Direction of the pen flick.
  • The Current state of the modifier key like CTRL or SHIFT.
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Old 22-12-2009
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If Application not responding to WM_TABLET_FLICK Message.

Most of the time, all the application will respond to the WM_TABLET_FLICK Message. But some application may not respond to this message then windows vista will send WM_APPCOMMAND, WM_VSCROLL, or WM_KEYDOWN, depending on which action is associated with the pen flick to make application notified for pen flicks. By sending these messages, Application will respond to the messages even if that application does not support to the pen flick.
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Old 22-12-2009
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List of application commands.

here is the list of application commands which will be assign to the pen flicks. Even Backup Keystrokes messages are there which might be sent also.
Keystroke - None.
Keystroke - None.
Keystroke - Ctrl+C
Keystroke - Ctrl+V
Keystroke - Ctrl+Z
Keystroke - Del
Keystroke - Ctrl+X
Keystroke - Ctrl+O
Keystroke - Ctrl+P
Keystroke - Ctrl+S
Keystroke - Ctrl+Y
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Old 22-12-2009
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Application should give consistent response to pen flicks.

As soon as the user assign a command in control panel, application must respond to it in consistent manner. Windows Vista will display the visual feedback regarding the assigned command when user performs any pen flicks. It does not depends on how application is responding to the current pen flick. Sometime application may respond to some other pen flick then the requested pen flick. This means that application do have ability to react to the flicks but in some other way. But it does not mean that application is NOT RESPONDING.
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Old 22-12-2009
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Actions performed by Pen Flicks.

Here are the actions which pen flick can perform. There are total four types of actions.
1. Scroll up or down.
2. Back or Undo.
3. Any keystroke or keystroke combination.
4. Activating a modifier key such as SHIFT.
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