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Thread: Linksys (WUSB54GSC) adapter stopped working

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    Linksys (WUSB54GSC) adapter stopped working

    Help me!!! i am using windows xp on my computer and i have connected my new Linksys adapter to the usb of my computer. But it is unable to detect the device. Initially it was working fine but suddenly something happened to my adapter and it stopped working.

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    Linksys adapter hardware problem.

    First of all, i would like to ask you some questions about any kind of error you would be getting while connecting the adapter. Actually its being bit difficult to find out a perfect solution for your problem. It may happen that your adapter would be having some problem in itself. Try to connect it with some other computer or give it a check from some hardware engineer to make sure that there is nothing wrong with your USB Adapter Device.

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    Reconnect your adapter.

    As you are using the Linksys Wireless Adapter. In wireless adapter, sometime it happens that they can not perform well because of some other networks disturbing them. But after restarting your device, it would be working in the same way as it was working before. It means that your adapter just needs rafreshment. After refreshing your usb device it will get ready to work.

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    Turning off Linksys adapter for power saving.

    I think your computer would be switching off your device to save power. But i think it would not be saving much power if you are going to use it frequently. Though it can frustrate you by switching it off again and again. You can change this setting by following this steps. Go to Device Manager and click on the + sign given next to the Universal Serial Bus controllers. Then go to the properties of USB Root Hub by right clicking. uncheck the checkbox given for "Allow the computer to turn of this device to save power."

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    Linksys adapter Driver.

    I think you need some really good driver for xp as in order to use Linksys adapter. Wireless connections are often gets disconnected because of driver problem. Most of the time it would not be detected by the computer at all if it is facing any issue regarding the driver installation. In your case also i think there would be some problem with the driver you have installed for adapter on your computer. Or it may be missing some files to make it work properly. All you can do now is reinstall the Linksys adapter driver again and try connecting it. Hope it will work this time.
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    Unplug/Plug Linksys adapter.

    There would not be any problem regarding your driver i think as it is letting you connect to the adapter for some time. I would be suggesting you the simplest solution for this but i do not know whether it will be working for you or not. It will work for surely if your connection has all required settings. Unplug your device and then again plug it after couple of minutes. This will restart your connection and adapter which may solve your problem.

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