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Thread: Samsung FIZZ Dual SIM mobile phone

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    Samsung FIZZ Dual SIM mobile phone

    I am looking for the good dual SIM mobile phone. I dont want to go for the new brands. I want the cell phone of some well known brands. As NOKIA and SONY ERICSSON does not manufacture the Dual SIM mobiles, so i am looking for the Samsung FIZZ cell phone. should i buy this cell phone or not. You can also give the suggestions for the cell phones.

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    Re: Samsung FIZZ Dual SIM mobile phone

    You want to purchase the new dual SIM cell phone for yourself. Now days many people have the two sim cards. Many of them keeps two cell phones for using both the sim cards. But now the new types of the cell phone have arrived. You can use two sim cards at a time in the same mobile phones. This cell phones are called as the Dual SIM mobile phones. There are many brands who are providing the Dual sim mobile phones. But you want the cell phone from the well known brand. The samsung is the brand which provides the dual sim cell phones. Samsung has the many dual sim cell phones in his portfolio.

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    Re: Samsung FIZZ Dual SIM mobile phone

    You are looking forward for the Samsung Fizz cell phone for the dual sim purpose. Well there is no doubt about this cell phone. This is very good looking and featured pack cell phone from the Samsung. You can go ahead for this cell phone. This is an An affordable Dual Standby mobile phone, Samsung C5212 Fizz comes with two SIM card slots and Dual Standby, giving you the pleasure and the benefit of two different phones in single mobile. It is enabled with the full multimedia features available in the phone's sleek and stylish frame.

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    Re: Samsung FIZZ Dual SIM mobile phone

    Samsung FIZZ Dual SIM mobile phone

    1- Dual standby
    • This Mobile can hold 2 SIM cards.
    • With Dual Standby allows the mobile to access .
    • You can use two phone numbers on single phone .
    • WAP/MMS/email
    • SIM switching key .
    • camera for photo opportunity.
    • easy access to the mobile’s functions from the shortcuts.

    3-1.3MP camera
    • 1.3MP camera takes good quality photos whenever you need to.
    • Conveniently captures moments when your digital camera is not accessible.

    4- Design
    • Solid and compact mobile is easily portable, and stylish enough for work and personal settings.
    • Bar style mobile offers instant access to screen and keys, while the shape offers a nice and secure grip.

    • Plays your favourite tunes as MP3, AAC and AAC+ music files.
    • External speaker lets you share your tunes with others.
    • Have free and immediate access to the most up-to-date music, news and information on FM radio
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    Re: Samsung FIZZ Dual SIM mobile phone

    Secification and the functions included in the Samsung FIZZ Dual SIM mobile phone.
    1. Operation System - Proprietary
    2. Browser - Access netfront 3.4
    3. Video player - QCIF 15fps
    4. Music Player
    5. Poly Ringtones
    6. MP3 Ringtone
    7. Embedded Wallpaper
    8. Embedded Wallpaper
    9. FM Radio
    10. FM Radio Recoding
    11. Business & Office Offline Mode
    12. Voice memo & Voice mail
    13. Predictive Text Input T9
    14. Email
    15. Cell broadcast
    16. vCard / vCalendar
    17. SMS
    18. MMS
    19. Bluetooth
    20. USB
    21. WAP
    22. Internet HTML Browser
    23. PC Sync Application
    24. USB mass storage
    25. SyncML(DS)
    26. Phone book entries
    27. External Memory
    28. MicroSD
    29. SMS Memory

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    Re: Samsung FIZZ Dual SIM mobile phone

    Some other dual SIM mobile phones.
    1. Spice M 5252 Dual SIM Mobile Phone
    2. Samsung C5212 Dual SIM Mobile
    3. Spice M-4580 Dual SIM Mobile
    4. Spice D-6666 Dual SIM Mobile
    5. Micromax EzPad Q3
    6. Micromax X211

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