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Thread: IPhone Vs Palm Pre mobile phone

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    IPhone Vs Palm Pre mobile phone


    I want to buy a beautiful, large and high-resolution mobile phone with feature like 3-4 megapixel camera and multi language support. It should also supported to AT&T. I will find apple iphone and Palm Pre mobile phone with all this feature but i am confused which one i buy. Please suggest.

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    IPhone multitouch features

    Both the mobile phone come with great feature, but i prefer Apple iphone. It have beautiful and large 3.5 inch diagonal screen with 480x320 high-resolution multi-touch display. It is internet and multimedia enabled smart phone. It is like a portable media player which support all format of video. The multitouch screen is looking stylish with virtual keyboard.

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    Great multimedia experiance in Apple iphone

    I will also support buy for Apple i phone. I like the multimedia features of iphone like play MPEG-4 videos with resolution of 640 *480 up to 160 Kbps. Also its audio formats including support MP3, WAV and AAC. it is just like an ipod. I also watching TV shows in wide screen on my apple iphone that is amazing. Its multimedia experience is never come with any other portable device.

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    Palm Pre have QWERTY keyboard

    Palm Pre mobile is low due to limited supply but it have great features against Apple iphone. Its QWERTY keyboard is much looking softer. The keys of these pad are more gummy with a narrow width overall itís a slider to boot. It supports 3G network so if you are in 3G network you will able to switch to Wi-Fi. Its 3-megapixel camera are nice and give good quality picture.

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    15,000 application for apple iphone

    Recently i buy the Apple iphone , it have great superb experience to me, i like the application on the iphone. It is ultra simple and quick easy to use. There are some 15,000+ apps is available on website. There are also free 3.1 Software Update is available on the Apple website where you can update your iphone software. I suggest you to buy Apple iphone.
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    Palm Pre mobile phone looks better

    I have Palm Pre mobile phone and i think it is better than apple iphone in some ways because it is much smaller than iphone. Its lovely interface feels cool. It also runs Linux application that not compatible in iphone. I had never ever seen the coolest menu bar of the palm pre mobile phone. The touchpad bar of Palm Pre is extended only half of inch and display QWERTY support.

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