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Thread: Samsung Corby Plus Mobile Phone

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    Samsung Corby Plus Mobile Phone

    I want to purchase the touchscreen mobile phone. I am looking for the Samsung because this company is launching the most of the touchscreen mobile phones in this year. I want the mobile phone in the range of 10-13 thousand and i think the Samsung Corby plus cell phone is there in this range from Samsung. Also suggest me some other touchscreen mobile phone in the same range if better than the Samsung Corby plus.

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    Re: Samsung Corby Plus Mobile Phone

    Samsung mobiles has launched another mobile phone in the Corby series phone.This mobile phone is named as the Samsung Corby Plus(B3410) in India. This Mobile phone is enabled with the Slider QWERTY keypad and it has the seven preloaded social networking sites for direct access. It also has the Instance messenger support. This mobile phone is priced at the Rs. 10,500 in the Indian market. This mobile phone is very cheaper and the economical as compare to the other mobile phones of the different manufacturers.
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    Re: Samsung Corby Plus Mobile Phone

    This mobile phone has the hybrid Touch and the QWERTY factor offers the easy to use mechanism. You can easily text to your friends and relatives with convenience using slide out QWERTY keypad. And it has the fingers friendly touchscreen by which you can very easily navigate to the features of the mobile phone. This is also enabled with the online widgets for instance access to all the online contents by just the touch of your fingers.
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    Re: Samsung Corby Plus Mobile Phone

    You can easily configure the Emails and MMS with this Samsung Corby Plus mobile phone. With the facility of the threaded message box the user are organized in very good manner and it is fun to read socially Active very young peoples. The QWERTY keypad makes the Typing of the messages very easier. It is very must highly volume texters. You can type the messages very faster as compared to the other cell phones because of the Wide slider keypad used for the Email typing.

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    Re: Samsung Corby Plus Mobile Phone

    Overview of the Samsung corby plus mobile phone
    1-Hybrid Design and Easy UI
    2-Perfect Texting and Email
    3-Comprehensive SNS and IM Support
    4-Versatile Music Player
    5-Handy 2MP Camera
    6-connectivity features
    PC Sync Application
    Internet HTML Browser
    USB File-Transfer

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    Re: Samsung Corby Plus Mobile Phone

    I will advice you to check out some other touchscreen cell phones because there are many choices available today in the touchscreen mobile phone category. There are Nokia , LG and Samsung who provide the touchscreen in the same range as you have mentioned. But Nokia is little bit costlier. There are some 3G touchscreen mobile phones available in the same range. So you should go for the 3G rather than 2G. Because the future world and mobile will be upgrading to the 3G networks. You can checkout Samsung Star 3G and the Nokia 5800 Xpress music , Nokia 5530 Xpress music , Nokia 5520 Xpress music. The Nokia mobile phone is little bit costlier than the Samsung 3G phones.

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