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Thread: Full-HD video becomes jaggy after some frames

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    Full-HD video becomes jaggy after some frames

    i have installed two windows on my computer. One is XP and another one is Windows 7. I have connected TV set Philips 52PFL9703 to second DVI of my 8800 GTX Ultra though DVI-HDMI adapter and HDMI cable. And I always use VLC player, because it never asks for any third-party codecs. Now whenever i try to play then it appears smooth for some starting seconds but then it starts changing the frame rate. I mean frame rate does not seems to be smooth. It becomes perfect after some frames but then it happens again. Can anybody help me to enjoy the experience of Full-HD videos ?

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    Video Card is not proper.

    I think you would not be having the write video card because of which your frame rates are keeping on changing. I would be suggesting you to have a new NVIDIA card as windows 7 requires some high definition configurations. Even you are trying to see FULL-HD video, so you must use a latest video card according to your needs. And it is not much hard work to find video cards as you will find it anywhere in market. So try changing your card and then play the same video again.

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    Download Gom Player

    I think your player would not be supporting such a high technology videos. Or it may happen that your player would not be updated by its latest version. Try using some other player which might solve your problem. I have one player which you can use. Gom Player will be the best one to watch Full-Hd videos. To download this player you have to click on Gom Player
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    TVset display Synchronisation problem.

    I think there is no problem with codecs or players. Because if it is not skipping the frames, means there are no lost frames. Then probably the problem would be with the TVset display Synchronization. First of all check that on how much you have set it? it 24 Hz, then your frames would be definitely not going smoothly. I suggest you to change that with 23 Hz, Yes, There is an new option in windows 7.

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    Install proper NVIDIA Driver.

    Though you would be having the perfect card for using the FUll-HD tv with your computer. But you should be having the best driver also to use it in its proper way. I think here also it is the same case with you. Check that are you using the perfect video driver or not. Try to install some other latest NVIDIA Driver on your computer for windows 7. You may use the one which i have given to you, It is NVIDIA Display Driver.

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    Using wrong Registry Key.

    Do not Worry!!! This seems to be a problem with a registry key that you are using currently. I suggest you to try for another one, For doing this just navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Multimedia\SystemProfile key. Now look at the right pane and double-click on the " NetworkThrottlingIndex " and change its value to 60 (decimal). May be this will solve your problem.

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