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Thread: Kindle change font size

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    Kindle change font size

    I have been gifted Kindle on my birthday last week. This portable device is really amazing for reading e-books. But I have never used this kind of a device earlier. It provides me online backup of purchased books also it provides me with free wireless Web access. But I am unable to change the Font in my Kindle. Please help.

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    Kindle DX

    In case you are using the Kindle DX model then there is no way to increase the font size. All files are in PDF format. This makes them as image files. Thus you cannot change the font of an image file since it is not a separate part. I would suggest you convert it to word document and then you may change its font size and then transfer it to your Kindle.

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    PDF Mode: Landscape

    I am using Kindle DX. This is really a smart device developed by This Kindle DX which is a wireless reading device has two PDF modes:
    • Portrait with margins cropped
    • Landscape with continuous pages and margins cropped

    If you want to enlarge the font size there is no such option explicitly to perform this action but using the Landscape mode you can enlarge the image. This will allow you to view the font in large size on your Kindle.

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    Kindle Keyboard buttton

    The Kindle handheld device from Amazon for reading e-books does has a small button that can be used to change the font. Locate the button on the bottom right-hand corner of your Kindle keyboard. It will be having 'aA' sign on it. To make changes to the font press this button. Choose your font and move the scroll wheel over it. Click on the font of your choice.

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    Text-size key of Kindle

    The size of font can be altered for the reading material on your Amazon portable gadget- Kindle. The Kindle device has a text-size key to display the text size menu. Look at the lower right-hand corner of the keyboard. Now select the text size. Using the select wheel select your choice.

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    Kindle 2 or Kindle DX

    I would recommend you to get the Kindle 2 or Kindle DX as the Kindle is having many issues with the display. Even the fonts are not clear. I have changed the format and text size in my Dell computer. But even that did not helped me to view the texts with clarity. But the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX are the best. Also there is a button provided to change the text size. So from my experience I would suggest you to use Kindle 2 or Kindle DX.

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