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Thread: flash content unsupported on samsung j600i

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    flash content unsupported on samsung j600i

    HI. I am having a issue related to my mobile phone. I use Samsung j600i phone which has gprs enabled and external memory feature. it also consists of applications as video playback. But the problem is that I am unable to play flash content videos on my phone. What could be the reason? Please help me out with a solution.
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    Re: flash content unsupported on samsung j600i

    Samsung phone does not support flash videos directly. some applications can be downloaded and installed on your samsung phone which may help you in playing different video files.These applications can be downloaded from different sites which you can search on google.One software i can suggest is "TUTU SWF Player 1.0" which can be downloaded from the link
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    Re: flash content unsupported on samsung j600i

    Macromedia has collabrated with samsung to build flash players for the new samsung smart phones. This feature was not available on the previous phones still there are many application which support flash videos on samsung phones which are available free on different sites. Flash player 1.0 is available on this site
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    Re: flash content unsupported on samsung j600i

    Flash players are not necessary for playing different videos. You can convert the videos which are not supported on your phone using a video converter software which is easily available. Different video converting software provide different formats into which the videos can be converted which are supported on many mobile phones. Total Video converter is one of the software which i use.
    hopefully your problem would be solved by using Total video converter.

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