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Thread: Lens aperture in a digital camera

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    Lens aperture in a digital camera

    I had purchased a sony handycam last week. I don't now much about it. Mainly I want to know about the lens aperture in it. What are it's affect created on the feild. What is it shutter speed and about auto bracketing. I want some information on the priority modes of the aperture and shutter. For this which accessories do I need and the types of storage used in a digital camera.

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    Re: Lens aperture in a digital camera

    The lens is a focal length ratio. It is a rays of light passing through it's diameter. It is a iris diaphragm. It allows more light to pass and makes the smaller number to look bigger, we can adjust it. Most the time it is in the maximum aperture. The time in which the shutter gives the light to pass on the CCD is called shutter speed. It measured in a second. If the shutter speed is slow we can record more. If we don't want to blurring the picture then we have to use the shutter in a slow speed.

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    Re: Lens aperture in a digital camera

    Larger the aperture it can produce a field of shallower depth. The depth affects if the focus point is far away from the object. It will result in blerred of the picture. In the aperture priority mode you can adjust the shutter speed. The setting can be manually selected. It is mainly to control field of depth. Auto bracketing is a mode in which the camera takes a successive shots of the same and different shots, and give slightly different exposures. This setting is the best.

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    Re: Lens aperture in a digital camera

    The important features in all digital cameras is the memory card capacity. The memory card should be big as your camera accept. The memory card which we get from the shop with the camera is not good to have a high quality of pictures. It should have rechargeable batteries. The popular cards for the cameras are CompactFlash™ and SmartMedia™ cards. It is accept by mostly new cameras. It has a memory up to 512 MB in CompactFlash™ cards and 128 MB in SmartMedia™ cards. Price are same, other you can use Sony Memory Stick it is light expensive.
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