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Thread: Sony Vaio drivers for Windows 7

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    Sony Vaio drivers for Windows 7

    I'm having a Sony Vaio laptop on which i had installed Windows 7 as my operating system. Now the problem is that I need drivers for Sony Vaio mode switch, after reinstall Windows 7 in spanish 5 button in top of the keyboard are no working and also 2 named mode and setting, i can not find this drivers for windows 7. So, can any body tell me that where can i get Sony Vaio drivers for Windows 7? Sony does not provide any 64bit drivers for this machine (even though the system actually came factory installed with Vista 32bit). Any one has any idea about it? Kindly help me out to resolve the above issue. Thanks.

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    Re: Sony Vaio drivers for Windows 7

    Vista drivers are typically compatible with Windows 7 so if you know where to get those, start there. The drivers include 32bit and (the one's I'm using right now) 64bit versions with a few variations I don't understand and are Windows 7 certified. Have you tried using any Vista drivers from either manufacturer to make it work? Often times, Vista drivers will work if no 7 specific drivers have been released for a particular device.

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    Re: Sony Vaio drivers for Windows 7

    If you just want to try out Windows 7 to make sure all your drivers are installed, you can create a separate partition and install it there. You can grab the 32-bit drivers below for another CS model and then extract the .exe files using Uniextract to bypass Sony's model check during installation. You don't have to use a clean hard disk.

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    Re: Sony Vaio drivers for Windows 7

    If you want, you can check out the following link. Then go into Device manager and point 7 to the folder you downloaded the file to. It should detect and install what you need from there. Windows 7 is a new operating system (only the beta version), some third-party manufacturers might not publish the latest driver for this new OS. It is possible some of the drivers will not work for windows 7, in that case you would need to install compatible drivers. I suggest that you should wait for another period of time till the retail version is released and push the vendor company to update the new driver.

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