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Thread: Reset the factory settings on toshiba

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    Reset the factory settings on toshiba

    I had been facing problem from last 36 hours with my newly purchased Toshiba Satellite. My laptop service has been turned off. It made my system hang, and it's shows in my Vista screen. Before I go to the desktop the laptop get freeze. I have to do it my self, but the laptop had not given the option which I can stop service. I was able to go to advanced booting option by pressing F8. Which also gave me the repair option, but now it is not giving me that option to. what is the problem I am not knowing, help me.

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    Re: Reset the factory settings on toshiba

    Try this step I think it may help you, In your outer storage device copy your each and every records and files. Then turn off your laptop. Turn on your laptop and till you get the option of advance booting selection press the F8 key.Then after repairing your computer and then press enter. After choosing the country press enter. Then follow the instructions as you find on your screen. After some time it will show the message it has complete with recovery, then you press on finish.
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    Re: Reset the factory settings on toshiba

    I think you had got virus in your laptop. If you continuously download and surf the file from the internet. Which antivirus you are using. Software if you have installed any. Have you scanned your system and you got any virus file. With the use of the command prompt, you can try to restore your system. As your system is new their may be no problem in the partition. Some files may be corrupted because of some reason, it will completely help you.
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    Re: Reset the factory settings on toshiba

    I had also faced this problem a lot, but now I have a solution for this after turn off, restart your system. You then clear all the virus from your book. Which antivirus you are using I think it is better. Then you download the gamebooster. You run it only when you want to play the game. And when you are playing the game at that time the other unwanted programs will be closed and the ram will be consumed very less. Change it to normal mode after finishing the game. After typing in the search box you freeware the game booster. Your system will be prevented from hanging. This will help you.

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