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Thread: How to Format Kingston 64gb Pen Drive

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    How to Format Kingston 64gb Pen Drive

    I was using the Kingston 64gb Pen Drive. Initially it was working fine but when i have downloaded the movie in it, from that instance it started working slow. Now i am ready to totally clean up my pen drive as it can work properly after cleaning. I am trying to format it but i am unable to format it. Can anybody suggest me how to format it.

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    Re: How to Format Kingston 64gb Pen Drive

    There is nothing to do with movie you have downloaded. As it is 64 Gb Pendrive, It would be having problems because 64 Gb is too big for FAT32. FAT32 has its limit up to 4Gb only. Try to format it with the NTFS. Because NTFS has much more limit then that of FAT32. May be formating with the NTFS will definitely solve your problem.
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    Re: How to Format Kingston 64gb Pen Drive

    Do not be worrying, you said that you have downloaded the movie in your pen drive. That movie may contain some viruses. It is possible that the website from which a movie have been chosen have sent some kind of virus with that. Try your pen drive in some other computer. If it detects any virus then you can simply scan it without opening it (By right click) and delete the detected virus.Then try to format it again.
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    Re: How to Format Kingston 64gb Pen Drive

    Can you give brief information that is it opening or not. Sometimes it happens that pen drive may open and run perfectly (even slowly) but when you try to format it then it does not work. If this is the case with your pen drive then I think you should contact with the regarding manufacturing company or you can use HP USB DISK STORAGE FORMAT TOOL V2.1.8. to solve the problem.

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