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Thread: what are the best quality of camcorder

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    what are the best quality of camcorder

    I want to buy a good digital camera for my vacation times. I am looking for a good and easy to use digital cam. I have looked a big range of camera's but not able to determine which one to buy. What are the major qualities which should I look in my digital camera. Which features are needed and which are not.

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    Re: what are the best quality of camcorder

    Camcorders have dramatically changed with the transition to digital recordings are of better quality, materials and devices take up less space, files are easily manipulated. If you are going to use the camera Occasionally then this qualities are better. The qualities are Sensor - CCD 800 000 pixels, Format Digital 8 or Mini DV, Video Editing - Camcorder and the Sensitivity must lies 2 and 4.
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    Re: what are the best quality of camcorder

    For the regular use of camera looks for this. There should be CCD up to 3 million pixels. Format must be regular like mini dv or dvd, etc. The sensor is responsible for capturing the light to transcribe into computer language. It is the bridge between the natural image and recording, so we understand that quality is essential. It is measured in pixels, the more there are and the better the recording. Some models are equipped with tri-CCD sensor recording separately each primary color.
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    Re: what are the best quality of camcorder

    Memory Cards initially, they were used to store pictures taken with the camcorder. It is surely a future technology because of the possibilities of miniaturization permitted, but currently constrained by the limited size and the high price of memory cards of large size. Your camera will follow you around without being too bulky and with a good autonomy.

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    Re: what are the best quality of camcorder

    A camera can not only record images and sound, but in some cases editing tool: it can create special effects on your videos (film grain on the video, adding texts of all kinds, etc. transitions.). The video editing software on computers generally allow for more user-friendly editing videos, but they are expensive and you only have low needs in this area, the functions of the camcorder may suffice. Finally, we note that some cameras can take pictures (whose quality is limited by the sensor) or to act as a web cam, excellent this time as it is a device designed for making videos.

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