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Thread: Aspire Timeline laptop Booting with Black screen

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    Aspire Timeline laptop Booting with Black screen

    I have a booting issue with my Aspire Timeline laptop. Since the last three days my Aspire laptop is not booting to my desktop at all. When I boot my laptop it starts and a black screen flashes with the Vendor name and then it just hangs there. But my system keeps running. The fan beneath the laptop keeps running as well as the keyboard lights also do blink. What is the actual issue?

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    Re: Aspire Timeline laptop Booting with Black screen

    The problem can be with your on-board or external graphics of your Aspire laptop. In case the external graphic card or the on-board graphics are damaged then there will not be any display on your laptop screen. Try to boot your laptop in Safe Mode by restarting your laptop and tapping the F8 key and check whether it displays any thing.

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    Re: Aspire Timeline laptop Booting with Black screen

    I also had a similar problem with my Dell Vostro laptop where even after booting or re-starting my laptop it would not display the desktop at all. I even tried to reboot my laptop in safe mode but I was unable to do that also. I then checked the physical connection of my laptop and there was a loose connection detected. After fixing that it worked for me.
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    Re: Aspire Timeline laptop Booting with Black screen

    Did you upgraded any of your hardware component or installed any new software. It happened with me also when I increased my RAM memory from 512 MB to 1 GB and after that my HP laptop was not powering on. I took my HP laptop to the service center and got it repaired. Hence my suggestion would be to take your laptop to the Acer service center.

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