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Thread: Problem with Micromax Q3 pc suite

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    Problem with Micromax Q3 pc suite

    My phone is Micromax Q3 and I want to connect this phone to my computer. So, I downloaded the PC Suite as well as drivers for Micromax Q3 from the official site of Micromax. I installed these downloads to my computer, but I cannot access my phone with the help of data-cable. Again, I tried with the USB installer, but still no result. I cant understand is this the problem with Micromax Q3 PC Suite or my phone. So, I wanted to know is there any other way of browsing the web by connecting the Micromax Q3 phone to my computer? Please give me some valuable suggestions.

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    Re: Problem with Micromax Q3 pc suite

    I dont think that there is any problem with Micromax Q3 pc suite or your phone. May you must have gone wrong somewhere. I have successfully connected this phone to my system. Follow the steps that are given below:
    1. Do, not directly connect your phone to the computer via data cable before installing the the USB driver. After you have installed it properly, you will get a message saying that " The USB driver has been succesfully installed in your system".
    2. After this, you have to connect the phone to the computer on which you will be able to see 3 options on your phone.
      • COM PORT------------Select this option
      • PIC BRIDGE
    3. At this time, a new hardware will be detected in your system. Now, click NEXT.
    4. Select the option installed the software automatically and click on NEXT. It will take some time for windows to install the modem to the com ports.
    5. If any other window appears in between the installation, you have to select the "continue anyway" tab.
    6. A message will appear that "Your modem has been successfully installed".
    7. The Micromax Q3 PC Suite does not have any file called as installer.exe.So, you need to copy the entire folder of the PC Suite to the C drive.
    8. Lastly, you have to run the file PC Suite.exe and go to the tab called settings and then from the drop-down box of COM, select the number for your modem on which it was installed and wait for some time.
    9. You will see that the STATUS BAR is showing connected which means that you have successfully connected your phone to the computer.

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    Re: Problem with Micromax Q3 pc suite

    There hasnt been any problem with the Micromax PC Suite. You have said that you have installed the PC Suite. So, open the interface of the Micromax PC Suite, where you will be able to see a page, in which there will be a list of options shown as
    3. VIA CABLE

    Now, you have to select the third option and your phone will be detected on the computer. May be, if your phone is still not detected, then there must be some problem with the USB port. Try connecting it on another port.

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    Re: Problem with Micromax Q3 pc suite

    You want to connect to the internet by connecting your Micromax Q3 phone to the computer, then first of all you need to activate internet on the phone, then only you can access to the web via your phone connected to the computer. So, there is absolutely no problem with the Micromax Q3 PC Suite. So, the phone will be detected in the computer, but you will not be able to browse the net.
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