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Thread: Changing product code for Nokia 6300

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    Changing product code for Nokia 6300

    Hello! I have a nokia 6300c mobile phone. I want to change my product code. I tried doing all sorts of possibilities but still I am falling out of conclusions. I used applications such as NSS and JAF but it is of no use. Please help me out. How can I do it. Is there any way through which I could update or change the product code for my phone.

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    Re: Changing product code for Nokia 6300

    Try for NSU to update your software. This may help you out. I have not tried JAF but used NSU for my phone and it worked fruitfully. NSU may take out the necessary ailments and lend you to update the firmware with ease. I cannot assure you as 6300c phones does not support software applications but you can flash them using NSU and update the software. Hopefully you will get to a better conclusion.

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    Re: Changing product code for Nokia 6300

    Use phoenix for updating your software or the firmware. Flashing your phone using phoenix firmware will enable you to get access and update the firmware or change product code to the optimum level. This is a kind of software which works on many phone irrespective of its compatibility for software applications. It does not require any extra support for the feature. Try it out.
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    Re: Changing product code for Nokia 6300

    You can use the software by getting the latest phoenix software tool. Install the software and then connect your device to the system via data cable cord. It is recommended that you run phoenix software on windows XP or vista (32 bit). Follow this steps:
    1)Open Phoenix Software and connect your phone in PC Suite Mode.
    2)After that click on the File>Manage Connections. in phoenix.
    3)Click on New and select USB Mode tab.
    4)Click Next. It will find your phone device then and select the model.
    5)Click Next and then Finish.
    6)When your cable type appears in the connection list. APPLY and then CLOSE.
    7)Now select File>Open Product.
    8)A list of RM code will open. Select your phone’s RM code, and click OK.
    9)Now select File>Scan Product.

    It will then update the firmware.

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