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    I am getting an autorun.exe folder everywhere in my hard drives as well as inside sub folders. Can anyone tell me, what exactly autorun.exe is? Is it a virus? Please give me some suggestions. What should i do now?

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    Re: autorun.exe

    Yes, autorun.exe file is a virus. Most of the viruses uses this file name, autorun.exe file is mainly located at the folder start up. You are getting autorun.exe on your system, so i suggest you to remove that file by scanning your system, as it can harm your computer. This filename contains \All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Start up. Some malware treats themselves as autorun.exe. I don't have any more details regarding this file, if i get any more details i will surely get you back. But now, you just scan your system and remove that file as soon as possible.

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    Re: autorun.exe

    autorun.exe is a virus and you need some software's to delete that autorun.exe virus. Due to autorun.exe virus, new folders are created everywhere. I was also having the problems with autorun.exe virus so i can realize your irritability. When your system is affected by this virus then, you can't change file options as this virus has already deleted them. The better option to remove this virus is by scanning your system. You can either clean this file or delete this file.

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    Re: autorun.exe

    This file is located inside "C:\" (document and setting) or sometimes inside "C:\" (Program Files). It is not a core file of windows and also, we don't have any kind of description of this program. When Windows starts, the application automatically get started. Many spyware programs or malware programs uses this file name. I have given you the exact location, you may either remove it manually or you may need to remove it through some anti malware software.

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