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Thread: Nokia 6630 lock Code Forgotten!

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    Nokia 6630 lock Code Forgotten!

    I have Nokia 6630 which is 8 months old.Last night to protect my mobile information from any other user I just entered lock code .Today when I try to open my mobile I received message to enter unlock code ,but I am not remember that.I tried various combination but didn't work out.So please any one know how to recover lock code.

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    Re: Nokia 6630 lock Code Forgotten!

    I think you must use HC-NOKIA-UNLOCK software to get rid over this problem.You can download this software from following site:
    Try following steps:
    take two mobile->Remove the Memory Card from the locked phone without turn off the mobile->put that Memory Card into a second mobile.->Install FExplorer on the second mobile phone->Create the directory E:\System\Recogs and copy the downloaded thc-nokia-unlock.mdl into this directory->Remove the Memory Card and place it into the locked phone->The THC-NOKIA-UNLOCK program should start after 120 seconds->Remove the battery-> Remove the MMC-> Put the battery back and restart. ->Now the Phone Lock has been reset to "12345".
    I think this will help you.

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    Re: Nokia 6630 lock Code Forgotten!

    For all nokia phone there is one master code that can help you to unlock your mobile phone.To get this master code you need IMEI number.You can get this presing *#06#.When you get this no. go to following site:
    and type your EMEI no. then they give you one master code .Type it in your mobile and you phone will unlock.

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    Re: Nokia 6630 lock Code Forgotten!

    If failed to enter right code then I suggest you to contact your nokia service center they can help you to recover your unlock code.It is safe way of recovering your unlock code rather than trying any unauthorized software.

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    Re: Nokia 6630 lock Code Forgotten!

    Yes you can unlock your mobile, As my friend what he suggested for me, that i want to cinvey with you. Last week i got a problem with my modile as same netwok. He reffered me to get this site mobileunlockguide now i got my mobile back as same as same. They provides us to safety unlock.

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