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Thread: password manager for iPhone 3G

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    password manager for iPhone 3G

    I want to secure data that is stored on my iphone 3G.For that reason I need Password manager for my iphone 3G.So any one know which is best password manager that have the ability to synchronize ,then please suggest me.
    Thank you.
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    Re: password manager for iPhone 3G

    I think you must use RoboForm password manager.It is one of the most user friendly software for secure your information on iphone 3gG.In this software you must use more 4 character for password.Roboform works just fine on iPhone.You can download from following site:
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    Re: password manager for iPhone 3G

    There is one iphone password manager application-Lockbox you can use.Lockbox is a cool software for secure your secret information.It stores passwords of your various websites , debit card information or other secret information in encrypted form on your iPhone.
    You can doenload Lockbox from their site.
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    Re: password manager for iPhone 3G

    I think 1Password is most simple password manager tool to secure your important information.It allow you to record user name and passwords for web sites and store them securely on your iphone 3g.You can synchronize your iPhone/iPod touch data with your Mac using 1Password.

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