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Thread: How to password protect iPhone 3G

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    How to password protect iPhone 3G


    I have a iphone 3G but I am afraid that the data on iniPhone in the wrong hands, or someone on your call costs so want to password protect my iPhone 3G ??

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    Re: How to password protect iPhone 3G

    Simple way to password protect iPhone 3G is

    You can do so to Settings> General> Code Lock.

    A screen where you have a 4-digit PIN to complete. Choose a code that you can remember well, fill it again to confirm and you go through to the next screen.

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    Re: How to password protect iPhone 3G

    If you want to reset the password, then in the iTunes Summary screen, select "Encrypt backup iPhone" if you want to encrypt the information stored on your computer when iTunes does a backup. Backup encryption is indicated by a padlock icon (as seen below in the removal of a section backup), and requires a password to restore the information to the iPhone. You may want to enter the password for your backup and store in a safe place. If you use a Mac, when you set a password that you can choose to store the password in the keychain.

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    Re: How to password protect iPhone 3G

    There are two options to password protect iPhone 3G, "Put code 'and' Edit access' speak for themselves. The next option "Request code" is interesting: Track the interval that the code calls for your iPhone. Put this on your 15 minutes, then the iPhone after 15 minutes of inactivity for the code. This is useful if you regularly iPhone on and off, because it prevents you must enter the code again and again. If 15 minutes have elapsed without that you have used the iPhone, there will be prompted for the password.

    It is also possible for the SMS preview to show. This is the 'Show of SMS'. It ensures that an incoming SMS message, the first part of the text on the screen to see, without you having to enter the PIN. Turn it from you, then you should only see a warning that a new text message waiting. The contents can not see.

    Bottom of the screen, select "Erase Data". This can enable you to ensure that after 10 incorrect PIN attempts the contents of the iPhone is completely erased.

    Please note that the password is not a foolproof system. There can always be detected leaks. Those in the iPhone a few times already occurred. So you can better eye on your belongings when you adjust secret or sensitive information through the iPhone store.

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