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Thread: Nokia E71 vs BlackBerry Bold

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    Nokia E71 vs BlackBerry Bold

    I am looking for business mobile phone model, i have only two option 1] Nokia E71 and 2] BlackBerry Bold. Can any one tell what are the features of this phone and also wanted to know the specification of this phone. Is Nokia E71 faster than BlackBerry Bold? Any recommendations and suggestions are appreciated.

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    Re: Nokia E71 vs BlackBerry Bold

    The BlackBerry Bold is built extremely well. Not including minor screen scratches and things of that nature, the Bold should be able to last you as long as you want to keep the thing. The Nokia E71 works on a Symbian operating system version 9.2 and it has built in A GPS navigation system that supports easy to use Nokia Maps.

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    Re: Nokia E71 vs BlackBerry Bold

    The Nokia E71 is easily one of the best QWERTY smart phones that combine strong features as well as a good balance between business and entertainment, at a competitive price.GPS and Wi-Fi rarely coexist on BlackBerry handsets but the Bold is not the first ever anyway. The screen is not the greatest feat in terms of resolution either but it sure is a sight to savor. E71 is the latest fashion statement from Nokia Its only 10mm thick and is rich in features.

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    Re: Nokia E71 vs BlackBerry Bold

    The main application for a BlackBerry is email access, and not much has changed between the Curve and the Bold in this respect. The E71 phone looks damn small compared to the E61i and the metallic body makes this phone feel special and classy. The BlackBerry Phone’s QWERTY backlit Keyboard with Trackball is a great attraction teamed with its Half VGA 480 x 320 pixel resolution TFT LCD display which features backlighting, light sensing and customizable font size.

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