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Thread: Adobe Flash Player For Blackberry 8330

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    Adobe Flash Player For Blackberry 8330

    I recently got Blackberry 8330 mobile phone. It has great feature and it is faster than Nokia e series mobile phone. I just wanted to the information about flash player for my Blackberry 8330. When i visit some website from Blackberry 8330 it shows error message like install Flash 8.0 or above...

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    Re: Adobe Flash Player For Blackberry 8330

    Adobe made Flash Player to support BlackBerry, Palm (for webOS) and Windows Mobile handsets. Adobe Flash Player 10.1 is also for Mobile Devices and Smart Phones, supports and delivers full Flash player experience to mobile devices, smartphones, Pocket PCs, netbooks, notebooks and desktop computers.

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    Re: Adobe Flash Player For Blackberry 8330

    Flash Player Mobile enables you to play Flash Movies in your Pocket PC device outside both in full screen mode and in landscape mode. Another option is Adobe Flash Player 10.1 software for smartphones and other Internet-connected devices, allowing content created using the Adobe Flash Platform to reach users wherever they are.

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    Re: Adobe Flash Player For Blackberry 8330

    Flash Player 10.1 offers browsing of Flash-based web apps, HD video, and other content on smartphones, Blackberries use a version of Flash called Flash Lite, which does not follow the same number system as the full-fledged version of Flash. Flash Lite is currently at revision 2.1 - which is based on Flash Player 7.

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