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Thread: Ipod missing in My Computer - windows pc

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    Ipod missing in My Computer - windows pc


    I have a windows xp pc and I have connected my 60 gb ipod, But the problem is that ipod is missing in "My Computer" . I don't know why ipod is not detected by my pc. Do I have to do something extra for ipod being recognized ???

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    Re: Ipod missing in My Computer - windows pc

    If your iPod does not appear in iTunes or Windows Explorer remembers the five basic suggestions, known as the 5 R.
    1. Reset, Retry, Restart, Reinstall and Restore
    2. Restart your iPod.
    3. Retry connecting your iPod to another USB port.
    4. Restart your computer and make sure you have the latest software updates.
    5. Remove iTunes and then install the latest version of iTunes.
    6. Restore your iPod to factory settings.

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    Re: Ipod missing in My Computer - windows pc

    Make sure your iPod is plugged into a USB port that provides enough energy. The iPod, iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod shuffle need that connect to a USB 2.0 high-energy and not to a low-energy such as those found on some keyboards or USB hubs without power supply.

    Overall the USB 2.0 high energy are directly on the computer. Test whether changing the port to which you connect your iPod that is recognized by the PC.

    If you connect your iPod to a Notebook or Laptop using USB, make sure you plug the PC to the mains power before connecting your iPod.

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    Re: Ipod missing in My Computer - windows pc

    The cable from your iPod is defective Be sure to use the cable that is included with your iPod. Check connections and check that both ends of the cable are fully coupled. See if you have access to another FireWire or USB cable for iPod. If another cable with this issue is resolved, the original cable from your iPod should be replaced.

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    Re: Ipod missing in My Computer - windows pc

    If you've tried all the recommendations and still can not get your computer recognizes your iPod, you may need support.

    If this is your case, contact Apple or any of its authorized service providers.

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