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Thread: How to reset Blackberry Bold to factory settings

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    How to reset Blackberry Bold to factory settings

    From last few months i had been using the new Blackberry Bold. Recently it has started giving me some problem. It get freeze up in between as well as it open ups the menu along with other function very slowly. So, i would like to know that is it possible for me to do a hard reset on my blackberry bold? Can any body tell me that how to reset Blackberry Bold to factory settings? Does any body knows about it? Please provide me the correct way for doing it? Any kind of help on the above issue would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: How to reset Blackberry Bold to factory settings

    The Blackberry Bold is an awesome device. If you want absolute factory default, then don't restore your settings when you install the os. Other wise you just need to go to options, then select security after that you need to click on options, then have to click on general settings, select -->menu and finally click on wipe handheld. recommend starting the process by backing up any existing data contacts, photos etc using the Desktop Manager software. That's it and your job is done.

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    Re: How to reset Blackberry Bold to factory settings

    Before starting the BlackBerry-wipe process, be sure to back up any information on the device that you don't want to lose. A hard reset and having your curve return to "factory state" are two different things. For a BlackBerry, to correct your terminology, a hard reset is simply a battery pull reboot. For a hard reset, you can pull out the battery while the phone is still on, leave it out for 30 seconds, and then put it in.

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    Re: How to reset Blackberry Bold to factory settings

    Once the device data deletion process is commenced, it cannot be stopped. Yes, in Blackberry for erase all the information in the device you need Wipe the device. You need to follow the below steps mention, in order to reset your Blackberry Bold to factory settings.
    • For that you need to press the menu key, the button to left of trackball, select the “Options” folder.
    • Afterwards you need to scroll down and select “Security Options” then “General Settings“.
    • After that press the menu key and select “Wipe Handheld“. A warning box will then appear to tell you that all application data will be lost. Select “Include third party applications” and then “Continue“.
    • Another box will appear asking you to enter the word “blackberry” to confirm the wipe. Doing this will restore the Bold to the factory settings.

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