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Thread: Smartboard Orientation

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    Smartboard Orientation

    We have Smartboard 680. One problem we face that whenever we connect the projector and laptop to smartboard, board needs to be re-oriented. This is required to be done even if same set of projector (ceiling mount) and laptop is used. I just want to know

    1... When smartboard is connected for the use, does it need to be oriented every time ?

    2... Is there is any method by which settings can be stored for given laptop, so that when laptop is connected, settings can be used as it is?

    Thanks and regards in anticipation

    Bharat Naik

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    Re: Smartboard Orientation

    I think you have to do that everytime. To do it quickly follow the below steps:

    1. Press and hold the two SMART Pen Tray buttons or double-click the SMART Board icon in the Microsoft Windows System Tray.
    2. If the SMART Board icon does not appear in your System Tray, then select Start, Programs, SMART Board Software and select SMART Board Tools.
    3. Press the Orient button.
    4. Begin orientation at the upper-left corner. Press your finger or stylus squarely on the yellow center of each red cross in the order indicated by the white, diamond-shaped background.
    5. If you’re dissatisfied with the precision of a particular orientation point, you need not begin the entire orientation procedure again. Simply press the left arrow key to retract a poorly aligned orientation point and redo it.

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    Re: Smartboard Orientation

    Orientation ensures your touch is registered accurately when you are using the SMART Board™ interactive whiteboard. Just check it isn't the computer try sticking in a laptop with SMART software on it and see what happens. Go into Program files\common files\installshield and delete the drivers folder reboot the PC and try again.

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