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Thread: Nokia 5220 password problem

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    Nokia 5220 password problem

    I recently got nokia 5220 mobile phone. I have installed latest theme on my mobile when i connect my nokia 5220 phone to the computer it give high transfer data speed. The problem is after inserting new memory card 256 mb it ask for password. I have enter the security password but it says wrong password. Is there any way to recover my password.Please let me know.

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    Re: Nokia 5220 password problem

    Nokia 2520 has a file manager in it? why not use that instead. Copy the file, dump it somewhere, rename it to *.txt then open it if you want to access any data from you memory card or simply, access the memory in your phone , copy all the files to other location in your phone , or if you have no enough space , just copy all files to your pc.

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    Re: Nokia 5220 password problem

    Have you tried that memory card in to other mobile phone, if yes then this could be a problem of your memory card. I guess its possible to connect phone to the pc using mobile phone.Try another memory card in to you nokia 5220 mobile phone and see it detects or not. If that does not detect then you should see for the password settings for memory in card you Nokia 5220.

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    Re: Nokia 5220 password problem

    Default code for Nokias is 12345. This will work if you did not change access code. Run execution file, then run the application memory after this choose to unlock memory card with that new password. If that does not work then try memory Card Data Recovery Software, it recovers and repair accidentally deleted, lost, erased, photo files, images from USB memory card digital media including SD card.

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    Re: Nokia 5220 password problem

    You have to unlock your mobile.

    It has the best unlocking solutions.
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