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Thread: New Transcend's MP330 Music Player

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    New Transcend's MP330 Music Player

    I received a mail today morning which advertised the newly launched MP 330 music MP3 player by Transcend. There were a lot of things written about it. But, I want some more details about. I am interested in buying a new portable MP3 player as my old one is not functioning properly. Is it worth buying?
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    Re: New Transcend's MP330

    Yes Transcend just very recently revealed its new MP3 player - MP 330 in New Delhi. It has an extensive support for different file formats. It is compatible with the latest file formats such as FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec). Of course it maintains its support for older file formats such as the basic MP3, WAV and WMA. It is very light weight device of only 25 grams.

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    Re: New Transcend's MP330

    The highlights about the MP330 of Transcend is its compact size, simple design, and obviously a very superb sound quality. The signal to noise ratio provided is also quite high that is 90db. It also includes various user-customizable option for the user. The MP330 mp3 player's FM radio and sing-along synchronized lyrics display with support for 14 different languages.

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