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Thread: Connecting nokia phone on Mac

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    Connecting nokia phone on Mac

    i am user of iMac. i bought just a few days ago a Nokia 5800 and fails to connect on a Mac. I saw that the Nokia pc suite is not working on a PC. so can any one help me and tell how i can connect Nokia 5800 to mac ?

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    Re: Connecting nokia phone on Mac

    You can use bluetooth to connect Nokia 5800 to Mac. Connecting mobile phone Nokia 5800 via bluetooth to mac is easy . Many mobile telephones have an infrared (IrDA) port that you can use to connect to PowerBook computers that also have IrDA ports. Here is how to do all these process try here Connecting Mac to mobile phone via bluetooth

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    Re: Connecting nokia phone on Mac

    iSync is the option to Connecting nokia phone on Mac but some times this also becomes tedious things However, selected Nokia device models can also be synchronized through a USB cable in addition to using Bluetooth. If iSync supports both Bluetooth and USB connections to your Nokia device, you can choose whichever connection method you prefer for the initial setup. here is How can i transfer my Nokia data to MAC with iSync

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    Re: Connecting nokia phone on Mac

    Connecting your phone and your Mac

    Before you can pair your Nokia device and Mac with Bluetooth, you’ll need to enable Bluetooth on your Mac.

    On your Mac, check to see if there is a Bluetooth symbol on the menu bar. If there is, click the symbol and make sure that Bluetooth: On appears in the menu. If it does not, click Turn Bluetooth On


    If you do not see a Bluetooth item in your menu bar, open System Preferences. If your Mac has Bluetooth hardware, a Bluetooth preference pane will be available. Click the Bluetooth icon to enter the pane, and make sure that the text Bluetooth Power: On appears. If it does not, click Turn Bluetooth On.

    Pairing your Nokia device with your Mac

    To pair your Nokia device with your Mac over Bluetooth, make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your Mac.

    You will also need to turn on Bluetooth on your Nokia device and make sure that your Nokia device is sharing data.

    1. Check the Bluetooth settings on your Nokia device. The settings can usually be located under Connect, Tools or Settings, depending on your Nokia device.

    2. Turn Bluetooth On.

    3. Make sure your Nokia device is visible. If it is hidden, change it to Shown to all.

    4. On your Mac choose Set up Bluetooth Device from the Bluetooth item on the menu bar. If you do not see a Bluetooth item on the menu bar, go to System Preferences > Bluetooth > Devices and click Set Up New Device.

    5. The Bluetooth Setup Assistant window will open. Click Continue and select mobile phone as device type.

    6. Your Mac will begin searching for mobile phones. When you see your Nokia device's name on the list, select it and click Continue. Your Mac will now gather information about the Nokia device you selected. When it has completed, click Continue.

    7. You will then see a dialog with a passkey on it. Your Nokia device should now ask for a passkey to connect to your Mac. Enter the passkey displayed on your Mac and accept the connection requests from your Nokia device.

    for more check here

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