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Thread: MP3 Player doesn't show up in "My Computer

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    MP3 Player doesn't show up in "My Computer

    I'm having strange issue on my pc. The problem is that whenever i try to install songs on my mp3 player, i'm not able to see my mp3 player in the computer. When i plug in to the usb to computer my mp3 player is not showing in the computer. Why my mp3 player is not showing in the computer? Does any body knows about this issue? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: MP3 Player doesn't show up in "My Computer

    Have you checked the data cable on your pc? Also you need to install the proper driver on your pc. Try switching the device to USB MSC mode through Menu--> Settings--> USB--> MSC. That worked for me.

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    Re: MP3 Player doesn't show up in "My Computer

    You might need to change the drive letter because the one its trying to use is in use by another device right click on my computer go to manage.You must simply copy the music on My computer, select your mp3 player and then need to paste everything there. Goto “Disk Management” find your device and right click on the white area and goto “Change Drive Letter and Paths” give it a different drive letter see if that works for you.

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    Re: MP3 Player doesn't show up in "My Computer

    Try it as an admin and if it doesn't work go into control panel --> system and click on the device manager button. Check if the mp3 has a yellow exclamation mark next to it. It sounds like you are following the correct procedure for the driver install. You might need to check directly with the manufacturer to make sure there is not a problem with the hardware.

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