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Thread: New VAIO L Touch HD PC/TV

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    New VAIO L Touch HD PC/TV

    I have samsung LCD at my home,which work fine.from several days i have noticed that the picture quality degrade.I contact with manufacturer.But they not able to solve i am going for new one. i heard about New VAIO L Touch HD PC/TV. What is that?And how it perform?Any suggestion?

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    Re: New VAIO L Touch HD PC/TV

    Sony unveiled its latest touch-screen HD PC / TV model VAIO L Series. It is equipped with a 24-inch WXGA display with resolution of 1920 x 1080, this model shows high-definition content in full HD resolution.An optional HDMI input is available, so that in addition to built-in HD drive, you can connect a HD component, like a satellite connection or a Playstation 3 gaming unit, through a single cable and enjoy HD entertainment without need to turn off the PC.It have 500 GB of storage.integrating software Sony Media Gallery. It is superb in quality too.

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    Re: New VAIO L Touch HD PC/TV

    The new Sony Vaio L all in one! It is a computer and TV, Touch screen high definition 24-inch resolution of 1920 x 1080 (WUXGA or Full HD).It have Blu-ray but it's optional.also has digital TV tuner for your digital cable and / or HD TV with satellite aerial.It will bring the new Windows 7 (64 bit), compatible with touchscreen, comes to compete with the HP TouchSmart that came out some few months ago.One HDMI input is available, to take advantage of the HD TV and you can connect your PlayStation 3 without having to turn on your computer.
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