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Thread: How to upgrade Samsung SCH-I760 to Windows Mobile 6.1

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    How to upgrade Samsung SCH-I760 to Windows Mobile 6.1

    I am using Samsung SCH-I760 smartphone which is very old and is with Windows Mobile 5.0 . I have seen many people upgrading their Smartphones to Windows Mobile 6.1. I also found a post here Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade for Moto Q where there is tip to upgrade Moto Q to Windows Mobile 6.1.

    Could you guys please make me know how can i upgrade my SCH-I760 to Windows Mobile 6.1, if possible ? Help appreciated.

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    Re: How to upgrade Samsung SCH-I760 to Windows Mobile 6.1

    Samsung has released a software upgrade for the SCH-I760, which is recommended to be installed. This update includes an upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1 and numerous software additions/enhancements/corrections. The update may take up to 10 minutes to complete if the system is already set up. This upgrade contains several enhancements and features like:
    • Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1
    • Windows Mobile 6.1 includes new features such as Threaded SMS, Domain Enrollment, and updated “Vista” looks.
    • Several software fixes & enhancements have been applied.

    Download SCH-i760 Upgrade Tool

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    Re: How to upgrade Samsung SCH-I760 to Windows Mobile 6.1

    To upgrade Samsung SCH-I760 to Windows Mobile 6.1 first download SCH-i760 Upgrade Tool and follow these steps:-

    • First install Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) On The Computer
    • Double click SCH-i760 WM 6_1 Upgrade_Tool.exe
    • Read over the EULA, accept the terms, and click Next
    • The Upgrade Tool will perform a system check for required software to perform the update.
    • The Upgrade Tool will now launch the installation program to install the drivers on the computer.
    • Please read and accept the Agreement, click Yes to continue.
    • Click Next to continue.
    • Click Finish. The computer will restart automatically and launch the Upgrade Tool upon bootup into Windows.
    • Now Minimize the Upgrade Tool. Verifying the Samsung Modem Driver installation is important to successfully update to Windows Mobile 6.1.
    • On the SCH-i760, press Start > Settings > System > Data Connection. Select As the modem through USB and press Ok.
    • Attach the USB cable from the computer to the handset. You may see notifications indicating device driver installation. This is normal.
    • Upon the completion of the install, click Start, and type in the search field devmgmt.msc and press Enter on the keyboard.
    • From The Device Manager window, click the + next to Modems and verify SAMSUNG Mobile Modem is listed.
    • Click the + next to Ports (COM & LPT) to verify that SAMSUNG Mobile Modem Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM) is listed.
    • Click the + next to Universal Serial Bus controllers to verify that SAMSUNG USB Composite Device is listed.
    • After verification of installation, close the Device Manager and disconnect the USB cable from the phone.
    • Now Begin Software Update Process. close all open programs except the Upgrade Tool and maximize that window.
    • Please acknowledge the instructions and proceed by clicking Continue. Click Yes.
    • The Upgrade Tool is preparing to establish a connection with the handset.
    • The Upgrade Tool is in a “Ready State”. The Tool is preparing connection between the computer and the handset.
    • The Upgrade Tool has changed over to a “Detect State”. It will take a few moments to finalize the connection.
    • Please follow the onscreen instructions needed to start the upgrade procedure. USB connections should be unchecked in Windows Mobile Device
    • Center and the handset reset per details below.
    • The SCH-i760 ROM is being updated (to BJ10) with a new image from to Windows Mobile 6.1. It will be a three part process. It will update the Eboot sector, PDA sector, and last the Phone sector. Actually downloading time will vary depending upon local conditions however it should take roughly 10-15 minutes to finish.
    • The upgrade has now been completed. Please re-enable support for USB connection in Windows Mobile Device Center to synchronize data back on the handset. When that has been completed, click on the Finish to terminate the Upgrade Tool.

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    Re: How to upgrade Samsung SCH-I760 to Windows Mobile 6.1

    System requirements:
    1. Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) 6.1 Installed and Functioning Properly
    2. Samsung MCCI Modem Driver v4.40.7 Installed and Functioning Properly
    3. All Firewall & Anti-Virus Programs Should Be Disabled (See Article)
    4. Administrative Privileges Required To Download & Install Software
    5. (1) Available USB Port
    6. Phone with fully Charged Battery
    7. USB Data Cable (Included In Retail Box - P/N: PCB120BBE)

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