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Thread: Stylish iSlim 2000AF Webcam

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    Stylish iSlim 2000AF Webcam

    I wanrt to buy new webcam ? I herd that about . how was its perfomance?what is the brand name ? can u give me the total specification??

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    Re: Stylish iSlim 2000AF Webcam

    Genius Company announced Genius iSlim is 2.0 mega pixel webcam.This gadget will give you the experience ofbest quality chat.this gadget will experience best quality chat . It allows you with one movement to slide the covet and continue your online chat, it is a really useful solution for personal privacy sake.Web cam has also integrated microphone and its multifunctional special clip works perfectly with notebooks, LCD panels.additional feature is allowing you to share your video files in YouTube channel. It have High video resolution. It's the best with in all other Webcam

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    Re: Stylish iSlim 2000AF Webcam

    ISlim 2000AF is superior Webcam and it give instant video's 2.0 mega pixel with auto focus.This model features a motorized auto focus lens. It have high-performance 2.0 mega pixel get a sharp focus and image even if you move around. innovative cover design of iSlim 2000AF provides an ideal personal privacy solution.iSlim 2000AF is plug and play under Windows Vista, XP SP2 and Mac 10.5.0 version. No driver installation is required.

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    Re: Stylish iSlim 2000AF Webcam

    following are the feature of iSlim 2000AF Webcam:
    1. It have 2 Mega pixel web camera .
    2. Stylish protection cover give it looks.
    3. USB 2.0 for high-speed transmission .
    4. It's plug and play compatible.
    5. High precision motorized Auto-Focus lens.
    6. cost around €45.00.
    7.compatible under Windows Vista, XP SP2 and Mac 10.5.0 version.

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