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Thread: Maximum battery life in MacBook Pro

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    Maximum battery life in MacBook Pro

    I'm having a MacBook Pro which is almost 16 month's old now. It seems to be that my battery life just fell off. Even if do a full charge, it only last for 30 minutes. So, i would like to know that what is the maximum battery life in MacBook Pro? Any one have any idea about it? Kindly suggest me your views on the above issue. Would be grateful if any body provides me the correct information on MacBook Pro. Thank you.

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    Re: Maximum battery life in MacBook Pro

    It's been hard to quantify generational differences because Apple is now testing using a more challenging battery benchmark, while improving the efficiency of the new machines via Penryn chips and LED backlights. The extended life is supposedly due to an on-battery sensor that communicates with the system's management controller that can dynamically sense the needs of each lithium polymer cell and feed that info back to the charging circuitry.

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    Re: Maximum battery life in MacBook Pro

    Battery life is an important aspect to any traveler who needs their laptop to last as long as possible. The greater their capacity, the longer they run. The challenge is that the real estate inside a notebook computer is limited. Millimeters matter. The result is slight variations in charging current designed to optimally charge each and every cell, apparently reducing wasted charge cycles significantly.

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    Re: Maximum battery life in MacBook Pro

    From being the top battery performer with 5.75 hours, the 2.6GHz MacBook Pro 17" has fallen to 4.5 hours. Apple claims that most cells will hit 80% of their life after 200 - 300 charge cycles, but its special lithium polymer batteries will hit the 80% mark after as many as 1000 charge cycles. According to Apple, this measures the battery life under typical Wi-Fi use, browsing web pages, working with mail and other internet-related applications.

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