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Thread: Smartphone USB Charger

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    Smartphone USB Charger

    I am looking for a better Smart-phone traveler charger. I have a laptop so is it possible to charge the phone via usb. If yes then what type of model are available. According to you which is the best charger used while travelling especially for smart phones like blackberry, palm, etc. I also need the same for a iPod also. I have a traditional two plug charger. I prefer to have a USB type one. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Smartphone USB Charger

    There are numerous brands of smartphone charger that can solve out your power issue especially while traveling. I will recommend you to use Altoids USB Charger. It is a small compatible to charge your smartphone anywhere you need. The tool is equipped with inbuilt iPod accessories. The tools is designed to chard iPods, smart phones, mobiles, etc. You will receive a set of connectors for different purpose with it. The charger can be charged up and then same power can be utilized for charging any device.

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    Re: Smartphone USB Charger

    You can try out Sync Cradle for PALM phones with AC adapter. It is a small cradle in which you will need to place the PALM phone and then connect the outlet to the voltage output. It is a simple and easy to use tool that can also be connected to your car battery. The charger comes with 1 year warranty and available on amazon. Second simple tool I know is a cable clutter. At one side it has a compatible port for a smart phone and on the other it has a usb connector.

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    Re: Smartphone USB Charger

    If you have a BlackBerry phone then the BlackBerry Pod is a right device for your. It is docket in which the phone needs to be placed and then it charges up the phone. You can carry a battery charger. It is a small charger by which you can charge more batteries and that can be utilized in your phone at the time of battery down. The charger can be added up to any socket. You can also carry out a USB extension for the same.

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