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Thread: No WiFi on iPod touch

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    No WiFi on iPod touch

    Hello everyone,

    Here, my iPod touch has no wifi. Can not enable or disable the function, which appears gray in the menu. i have check on different places for wifi but no solution ,,,

    I tried everything:
    • Reset
    • Restore

    but nothing works please any one can help me ?

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    Re: No WiFi on iPod touch

    Here it was some months since the 1st generation iPod of my wife which showed No Wi-Fi after a fall safely No longer under warranty,previously it was working fine but for some application I took the decision to jailbreak firmware 3.0 but after that reboot and i wonder how to connect Wi-Fi. I have been trying to understand what was the basic problem, but whenever I reinstall firmware , even to the previous 3.0, there is no reaction form wiFi still nothing.

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    Re: No WiFi on iPod touch

    There is problem due to firmware that you are having just update to latest one if you are with jailbreak iphone then less hope for you other wise apple can help you better call to service center

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    Re: No WiFi on iPod touch

    I have the same problem as you and the only solution is the VAS. I bought it at Virgin, but it has menu problem that battery problem + wifi problem is due to hardware problem ,Check if you are under warranty then Apple will take it back and you will receive a new itouch within 72 hours!

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    Re: No WiFi on iPod touch

    I too had the same problem and I first called Apple care helpline and told the customer care executive all the problem and then I got a reference number. I went to the apple care, told them the reference number, and then they checked it and confirmed the Wi-fi problem and then sent it to apple and I recieved a new iPod touch. The whole process took 7 working days...

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