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Thread: Memory stick - undeleted files

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    Memory stick - undeleted files

    Hello Good Morning,

    Recently I just took my memory stick to a local shop to get some snaps.While at home i was able to view 3 files (pictures) on it,however when i inserted it on the shop's machine i just found five more snaps that i was deleted several days ago. Why is this? I remember a similar thing occurred before. Is this common? How do I confirm a memory stick is blank?. I do have some troubles with my memory stick with virus.My AVG keep on deleting some files but i can see them when i plug in next time. Any ideas?

    Many thanks

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    Re: Memory stick - undeleted files

    My learning is that some flash drives, such as the "U2" variety, have files on there that will not be removed even after putting it through things like Disk Utility. I purchased one such, and the only way to remove it was to hook it up to a Windows PC, go online to the website , and then from there, you can get the application to your computer which will remove the file. It is a special functionality that allows the drive be used in a specific way, so it is protected from accidental deletion.

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    Re: Memory stick - undeleted files

    I would rejoice to share that the better way of confirming that , your mem stick is removed of all pictures that you have completed with would be, when its in your system , locate it in my computer right click on the icon and select "format" once formatted there should be no trace of anything left on it,or attempt a secure delete application.

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    Re: Memory stick - undeleted files

    Alright,It is sounds like a virus problem with your pc well what has happened, is you have had a virus on your laptop/computer, And it has spread through to your memory card, and then it has protected and security locked, so therefore, you will not be able to do anything again.So you just need to update the definitions and scan both the pc and the memory stick if still virus problem I would tell you to trust another anti virus program may be Kaspersky will do better for you...

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