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Thread: Nike + iPod for iPod nano 5G

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    Nike + iPod for iPod nano 5G

    i am interested to know what is about Nike + iPod ? is that worth to buy this Nike + iPod can any one tell me? also cardio is possible with it ?
    thank you

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    Re: Nike + iPod for iPod nano 5G

    The new iPod nano 5G includes a pedometer, which adds to the range of features of the small sports player, it is (more than the iPod touch) specifically dedicated to the use of Nike + iPod kit. But obviously, the side of Apple and the supplier, it has not finished to grow this sport tilt, since a new manual of the kit, briefly explains, that particular state of a counter heartbeats only compatible with the 5G iPod nano!

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    Re: Nike + iPod for iPod nano 5G

    Four years after this association between the supplier and manufacturer of iPods, 1.2 million kits were sold, forming a community of joggers (224 million miles traveled and 13 billion calories burned) quite impressive by its size and which it is possible to extract some Nike behavior type and average data.

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    Re: Nike + iPod for iPod nano 5G

    This new device would be launched simultaneously with the player, but a technical concern has prevented its distribution. It will be sold separately from the module for iPod, which thanks to its built-in pedometer does not need the pebble companion slipped into the shoe.

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