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Thread: SBSettings iPhone 3G settings

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    SBSettings iPhone 3G settings

    my friend was configuring for my iPhone 3G for jailbraking but considerably not looking good well he told me that now need to configure SBSettings so can any one provide me any idea ?
    thank you

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    Re: SBSettings iPhone 3G settings

    I think SBSettings has undergone three updates in one day ...Version 3.0.2 prevents unwanted opening (reduced sensitivity) and corrects the problem of display RAM, on the status bar. Version 3.0.3 adds a button in the settings for SBSettings choices on the sensitivity of the opening SBSettings (Either that versions 3.0.1 and lower, that of 3.0.2 which is less sensitive)

    Sensitivity is only available on firmware 3.0.

    Finally version 3.0.4 fixes a bug always on display RAM on the status bar, information on the RAM are checked throughout the 2.5s

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    Re: SBSettings iPhone 3G settings

    SBSettings available in Cydia .With SBSettings you will have access to the same option as BossPrefs but no icons will be present on your SpringBoard, once downloaded from Cydia check here for more How to install and use Cydia on iphone

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    Re: SBSettings iPhone 3G settings

    The free SBSettings offers quick access to functions and services of the iPhone, without leaving the application you're you. You'll need a jailbroken iPhone and Cydia to install and use.If you want to disable the WiFi while you're browsing on Safari, SBSettings displays a table that allows you to enable / disable this connection. Otherwise, you would have had to close Safari and go to Settings> Wi-Fi or launch BossPrefs to access this feature. SBSettings offers quick access to many functions such as adjusting brightness, enable / disable services / channels, such as EDGE, WiFi, 3G or Bluetooth, and you can also support extensions to add the settings / services you want the table.

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