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Thread: HTC P3470 screenlock problem

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    HTC P3470 screenlock problem

    Hey Guys,

    My Smart phone acting weird nowadays. It is actually the HTC touch cruiser.After I have configured an Exchange profile, I get a policy what forces me to set a password on my device. This is pretty fine, but the maximum time I can leave the device is around 15 minutes. When I am with TOMTOM navigator, I would rather run much more than than this time. The screen will turn black.I searched in the registry to find a procedure that I can use my navigation with no password screen. The only option I figured out is to hard-reset the device and not installing the exchange email settings.Does anyone know what to do?

    many thanks...

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    Re: HTC P3470 screenlock problem

    Well, you better use htc touch screen lock program. You can also allow your mobile phone to sleep. That will sleep the touch screen but I need to explain every worst thing I have ever heard, about scratches and broken screens . begins with , " What am I going to do I pulled my phone from my pocket and the touch screen is ruined, how do I recover all my data?" There are so many good shields and coming out there.

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    Re: HTC P3470 screenlock problem

    I figured it out.I used a registry editor and change HKLM\Security\Policies\Policies\1023 value 1 but first you should ensure to turn off direct push..Else it would be about to lock it by tapping the power button like on any PPC. I seem to recall seeing it lock automatically when it slid closed though but after the wifi fiasco don't hold me to that

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    Re: HTC P3470 screenlock problem

    I was impressed since this has been a sort of issue in the past but one i could live with.has there been an adjustment to the browser to not time out or have i just went through a one time quirk. It'll probably have a lock button option on the today screen, or hold down the end-call key and it should lock for you. thanks and i continue to rejoice and use the best mobile browser out there.any response from dave or other mods would be acceptable.

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