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Thread: iphone file explorer

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    iphone file explorer


    I was wondering is there a program on an apple iphone similar to windows explorer on the PC, where i can access or drag-n-drop files onto my iphone just like between a PC & other mobile phones. Or is there a possibility of Accessing an iPhone or iPod Touch directly in Windows Explorer.

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    Re: iphone file explorer

    You can use iPhoneBrowser, its is a Windows based file browser for your iPhone. It features drag and drop uploading to your phone, automatic and manual backups of files on your phone, previews of text and picture files and very cool icons. To use, plug in your iPhone and run iPhoneBrowser. The screen should show up with a listing of your folders on the left. Once a folder is selected, the files show up on the upper right. Select a file to see the contents in the lower right. Right-click a file or group of files to see a menu describing your different options, Save As, Backup File, Restore File (not yet implemented), Replace File and Delete File. You can also drag and drop files or folders into the file window to upload them to that folder.

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    Re: iphone file explorer

    Instead of using iPhoneBrowser you can also use TouchDrive, TouchDrive works on standard, off-the-shelf, iPod Touch and iPhone devices. No hacks, cracks, jailbraking or other third party applications are required. Just install TouchDrive, plug in your iPhone and go! Open Windows Explorer and your iPhone is shown in the "My Computer" window - just like any other drive. In fact, you can now access your iPod Touch or iPhone like you would any other iPod with "Disk Mode Enabled". Download it from here

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