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Thread: Games and Apps for Samsung Impression

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    Games and Apps for Samsung Impression

    My cousin has bought a new Samsung Impression mobile phone yesterday. Its really a cool device. Only the problem is that we tried to find out some games or application for the same but we are unable to get any games. Do you guys have any idea where to get and how to download games and apps in Samsung Impression? Help will be appreciated.

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    Re: Games and Apps for Samsung Impression

    There are various websites that offers applications and games for all types of mobile. You just need to enter your mobile model number and choose category. Thats it you can get that.

    Alternatively there is an inbuilt option in Samsung Impression for the same. Just click on Game and Apps icon on your device. Here you will find options for 'Shop Games' that offers you games and 'Shop Applications' that offers you application for your Samsung Impression.

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    Re: Games and Apps for Samsung Impression

    Games and Apps can now be installed safely using the master key on Samsung Impression. Master Key has now been found and this method for installing games/apps has just been made obsolete. Please use this thread for installing and troubleshooting TKFileExplorer. There is no longer a reason to delete the phones database file.

    Or else, i have a game here attached with the following post How to download pacman on samsung impression ? . I am sure you will like it on your device.

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    Re: Games and Apps for Samsung Impression

    To Install Games and Apps Via Master key steps :

    • Connect your phone to your pc using TKFE
    • On your phone navigate to the exe/java/games folder
    • Now that you are in games, create a new folder. Name it after what you are going to install.
    • Now you will need to place the .jar & .jad files of the program you will be installing in that folder. On the top half of TKFileExplorer, browse through to where you saved the jar and jad files and download them to the folder you created.
    • Install as many games and apps you want. AT&T Samsung Impression info
    • Open up your dial pad and enter the following, *#6984125*#.
    • Choose INTERNALS and enter the following, *#3818790*#. AT&T cell phone Questions&Answers
    • Now scroll down and choose Storage Settings. Then update Java DB, followed by update apps database.
    • Now you are finished. Then Go to Menu>Applications/Apps & Games. Your newly installed app should be visible!

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