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Thread: Unbearable choppy sound with Aspire one

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    Unbearable choppy sound with Aspire one

    When listening to any music file the music skips and lags. My sound is really bad!!1 it's all choppy and stuff or slow.The sound seems to crackle in the background.....I tried to defrag and clear some space from my hard drive but nothing! after searching on the net I see this is an issue with the Aspire , anyone found a fix for this please.

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    Re: Unbearable choppy sound with Aspire one

    Is your CPU running at 100% constantly? It Sounds like a codec issue-- probably a non-standard MP3 or OGG dll that got overwrote the standard Windows one. Try messing around with the Realtek software and other sound options, as I don't know much about your problem. This noise may arise if too many programs may have access to the sound driver.

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    Re: Unbearable choppy sound with Aspire one

    On second thought I don't think it's a cpu issue as with only WMP running it was consuming about 14% of the resources. I ended up needing a new motherboard. This sounds like a fairly common problem on this particular notebook. It seems to happen after about an hour or so of continual playing. It seems to happen after about an hour or so of continual playing.

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    Re: Unbearable choppy sound with Aspire one

    The problem is trying to find what software you may have installed that has the problematic codec-- usually audio or video related programs. Report was that the driver needed to be upgraded, and that they did that, tested it. When I got it back, it was in pristine condition. I'm pretty certain flash, IE youtube, doesn't use system codecs, flash doesn't like to use system anything, so I don't think that's the problem. But some other games might do it too, although increasingly unlikely.

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