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Thread: HP pavilion dv6000 recovery

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    HP pavilion dv6000 recovery

    i am with HP pavilion installed with Vista home premium so while doing with some application i did something wrong so computer got unstable and currently some drivers are missing my friend tell me about recovery disc that will help me so can any one tell me how to get a recovery disc ?any one can help me ?
    thank you .

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    Re: HP pavilion dv6000 recovery

    Some one told me that hitting F8 will allow to boot from the recovery partition. but i think you will need disk that you can call HP and ask them to send you the recovery disc. else you can download from internet buy using torrents .

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    Re: HP pavilion dv6000 recovery

    Creating recovery discs for HP pavilion

    Creating Recovery discs from Windows

    • Disconnect from the Internet and close all other software that might be open. This is not necessary, but might help avoid problems that can occur.
    • Click Start , and then click All Programs .
    • Choose the option below that applies to your computer:

    • For HP Pavilion and Media Center computers, click Hewlett-Packard and then click HP PC Recovery CD Creator to start the program.
      Click PC Help & Tools and then click HP CD Recovery CD-DVD Creator to start the program.
    • For Compaq computers, click Compaq and then click Compaq PC Recovery CD Creator to start the program.
    • Click Compaq , click Compaq PC Tools , and then click Recovery CD Creator

    • When first opening the recovery CD-DVD creator program, a Welcome screen and Readme screen describe the operation of the software.
    • Click the Continue button on each screen to start the disc creation process.
    • A window displays listing the number of blank discs required to make a complete recovery set. Click Yes to continue.
    • Label the blank discs appropriately, for example, Recovery Disc 1 of 8.
    • Click Yes to continue. The Recovery CD Creator screen displays. While this screen is displayed, several processes take place:

    • List Files - The program builds a list of the files needed.
    • Collect file contents - The program collects needed files from the hidden recovery partition.
    • Write files onto CD or DVD - The program is ready to burn the first disc.
    • Verify CD or DVD contents - The program verifies the content of the discs.

    • When the Write Files onto CDs process begins, insert Disc 1 of 8 (CD or DVD) into the CD-RW/DVD disc drive.
      Insert disc message
      NOTE: If the disc creation process is interrupted with one the following error messages, resolve the errors by searching for and downloading SP24057 software update from the HP Web site . CD\DVD image file exceeds 4457 MB Invalid Media
    • After the write process is completed, the disc is verified and ejected. The write and verification processes take about 10 to 12 minutes for each CD-R disc and about 45 minutes for each DVD+R disc. When Disc 1 is verified, the door of the CD drive automatically opens. The software then collects the file contents for the next disc before accepting another disc.
      CAUTION: Do not insert the next blank disc until receiving an onscreen prompt. Inserting a disc and closing the drive tray before the prompt can result in a corrupt and unusable disc.
    • When the prompt screen displays, insert the requested disc number. Continue the process until all discs are written to and verified. The Congratulations screen displays when a complete and valid set of recovery CDs is successfully created.
    • If you do not have time to create all the discs, click Abort (see CAUTION below before aborting). The Recovery CD-DVD Creator software remembers where it stoppoed and continues at the same place the next time it is started.
    • CAUTION: Aborting during the write process might result in a corrupted and unusable disc. Before aborting, wait until the disc has completed its write and verification process and prompts for the next disc.
    • If the Recovery CD Creator program is started again after a complete set of recovery CDs is created, another screen displays stating only one recovery set is allowed. The only choice is to click OK to exit the program. If you were unable to create one set of recovery discs and this message occurs, you must use another method to obtain new recovery discs .

    Check here for more

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    Re: HP pavilion dv6000 recovery

    With the Recovery Disc Creation program, create a set of recovery discs to restore your computer to its original condition in case of a major problem with your computer.HP Backup and Recovery Manager is quick and user-friendly. To run, simply go to All Programs > HP Backup & Recovery > HP Backup and Recovery Manager. Check here

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