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Thread: How to lock the sim card

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    How to lock the sim card

    Hope you guys can help me out for sure. I have lost my cell phone last week and some one has misused my simcard.This has happened twice with me. Yesterday i have bought a new Samsung touchscreen phone and someone has suggested me to keep my sim locked so that no one can use my phone. Could you guys please let me know how can i lock my sim card and also let me know some benefits of the same ? Thanks in advance

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    Re: How to lock the sim card

    Locking your sim card can help you in protecting your phone to be used by some one else to make unauthorized calls. It also helps you when you lost your mobile, so that no body can make misuse of your number. You can lock your sim card with a pin or you can call it password. To know how to do that on your screentouch phones , just go through this simple steps:-

    • Click Start > Settings > Personal tab, and then click Lock.
    • If there is an existing device lock and you want to change it, enter the device lock password and then click Unlock.
    • Select the Prompt if device unused for check box, then select the desired length of time from the drop-down list.
    • If the check box is unavailable, your administrator has set a fixed or maximum duration.
    • Click the Password type box, and select the type of password you want.
      • Simple PIN is a password that is 4 digits, using only the numbers 0 - 9.
      • Strong alphanumeric is a password that can have uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols, such as punctuation marks.
    • Enter the password you want to use, then confirm the password.
    • On the Hint tab, enter a phrase that will help you remember your password, but doesnít allow other people to guess your password.
    • Click Done.

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    Re: How to lock the sim card

    By locking your SIM card, you ensure that no one except yourself can use your device while your SIM card is in place.If this is the first time you are setting a PIN for this SIM card, enter the default PIN, which may be 1234. If this PIN doesnít work, you can get the PIN from the manufacturer or mobile operator that sold you the phone.

    The message PIN enabled appears on the screen, and the phone returns to the Security tab.If you enter the wrong PIN too many times, the SIM card will be blocked by your wireless service provider. To unblock a SIM card, you must contact your providerís customer service to obtain the PIN Unblocking Key (PUK). If you enter the wrong PUK too many times, your SIM card will be permanently blocked.

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    Re: How to lock the sim card

    You can always make emergency calls, even when your phone is locked. To avoid accidentally placing emergency calls, make sure you donít begin your password with the digits of the local emergency services phone number. If you use your phone on your organizationís intranet, an administrator may require you to set a PIN or password the first time you connect. If you are prompted to set a PIN or password when you connect to an intranet, the steps to set it up may be slightly different.PIN2 is used for fixed dialing. If you set PIN2, you can use the phone to call a set number of phone numbers determined by your mobile operator.

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