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Thread: Apple iphone 3GS V/S Nokia N97

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    Apple iphone 3GS V/S Nokia N97

    Hi friends

    What do you think Which is best apple iphone 3GS Or Nokia N97. I saw features of both phones in that i like Nokia N97 because Nokia N 97 having Query keyboard, 5 Megapixel Camera, 40 GB memory. where as apple iphone 3Gs having only 3.2 Megapixel Camera and 32 GB memory.

    What do you think which is best Apple iphone 3GS Or Nokia N97 ?

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    Re: Apple iphone 3GS V/S Nokia N97

    The N97 has a touchscreen and a full QWERTY keyboard. An argument on its competitor, because even if the virtual keyboard of the iPhone (available in landscape mode since version 3.0 of iPhone OS) satisfies, it is undeniable that it can replace a physical keyboard with a good ergonomics. The N97, provided with an internal memory of 32 GB, has a Micro SD slot for memory expansion. The iPhone does not.

    The N97 will also offer one year free navigation with Ovi Maps and a voucher to download 25 songs.

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    Re: Apple iphone 3GS V/S Nokia N97

    One issue that will most certainly the difference is the thickness of the catalog of the AppStore, the online store that allows to change the environment to his mobile phone.

    Developers rush to make out their application and the general public already equipped with an iPhone keeps asking. Nokia is unfortunately not always make the weight with its service offering Ovi Store. Applications for Symbian OS of N97, we find the shovel, but not so concentrated. The concept of localized Store (applications made available to the user appear depending on the location of the user) will benefit there to Nokia?

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    Re: Apple iphone 3GS V/S Nokia N97

    The iPhone 3GS retains its capacitive screen that makes navigation on the finger of a precise and fluid. Even if the new version of Symbian S60 seems better than before to enjoy the tactile interface, the iPhone 3GS still has an edge with its attractive interface and attractive. I think Apple 3GS iphone is best compare to Nokia N97.

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